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The KidTools software is made for children to support their success in school, home, and community. The software provides four programs to help students.

KidTools helps students with behaviors by targeting behaviors, to change, making behavior plans, following agreements, and self-monitoring.

KidSkills helps students get organized, learn new information and pass tests, plan to get homework done, and work on projects with other students.

PictureTools helps students at PK-grade 3 levels create personalized task and behavior tools. The program requires minimal reading, no typing, and displays target behaviors through a personalized photo library.

TeacherTools is a program for teachers to create behavior support tools for students. The tools are consistent with the positive behavior support (PBS) framework in which management strategies are matched to levels of severity and need.

eKidTools and eKidSkills are for elementary students.

iKidTools and iKidSkills are for intermediate/middle school students.

The KidTools Resources and KidSkills Resources software programs provide quick information about the tools and resources.

This web site is designed for parents and teachers. Here you can download the tool programs onto computers for use, learn about the tool approaches, view the tools, practice making some tools for different uses, access technical information, read reports and research about the tool programs, access training resources, and order materials. Emily will be your guide throughout this web site.

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