Ordering Copies

You can order a memory stick wristband that contains all the KidTools, KidSkills, and StrategyTools software for $10.

If you have questions prior to ordering, email Gail Fitzgerald at Fitzgeraldg@missouri.edu

We can only accept checks for these purchases and we require pre-payment. If you want to purchase a wristband, please send your request and a check payable to the University of Missouri.

Send this to:
Toni Milstead, Manager, Finance & Human Resources
School of Information Science & Learning Technologies
University of Missouri
303 Townsend Hall
Columbia, MO 65211-2400

We will then ship the materials when we receive payment.

Once you get the wristband with the programs, you take this around to whatever computers you want to install with whichever of the programs you want to use.  You can install as many computers as you wish.

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