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Scenario Practice

Emily: Here you can help eight students pick the best tool to solve a problem. Then you can practice making that tool. This is a good way to think about tool uses.

For each scenario, analyze the problem and decide which tool to use to solve the problem. When you select the best tool, you can try it out and see an example. Select any of the six scenarios below to begin.

Behavior Monitoring

Jessica is ready to monitor several behaviors at the same time in all her academic classes…

Scenario 1

Social Skills

Alex has difficulty making friends and calls other children names when he feels rejected...

Scenario 2

Time Management

Rosa is not very organized for completing homework and scheduling her other activities...

Scenario 3


James shouts out in class and denies he's talking without permission...

Scenario 4

Cooperative Learning

Students in your cooperative learning groups do not get along and share the work...

Scenario 5

Organizing Information

Katalina needs to organize information on several topics from her social studies class...

Scenario 6

Transition Tantrums

Jake has problems transitioning from a preferred activity to a less preferred activity...

Scenario 7

Morning Arrival

When Sylvia enters the classroom she becomes overwhelmed and dependent on the teacher for help...

Scenario 8

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