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Training Materials

Emily: Get ideas and prepared materials for training others. Here are Powerpoint presentations, videos, and practice activities.

Orientation to KidSkills (Windows Only)
» Download Self-Extracting Executable (3.4 mb exe)

Orientation to KidSkills Hand-out

» Print and Read (pdf, pps)

Teaching Strategies (Windows Only)
» View With Videos (13.5 mb exe)
» View Without Videos (2.69 mb exe)

Teaching Strategies Hand-out
» Print and Read (pdf, pps)

Interactive Practice Activities
» Guided Practice (pdf)
» Independent Practice 1 (pdf)
» Independent Practice 2 (pdf)
» Independent Practice 3 (pdf)

Download Project Papers
» KidTools Proceedings (pdf)
» Online Conference Proceedings (pdf)
» KidSkills Project Report (pdf)
» StrategyTools JSET Article 2007 (pdf)
» StrategyTools Overview (pdf)

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